Cursed with a trapped mind

I pace between the walls.

Consumed by the silent white

I use it as my scroll

In thick black ink I write again

“Do not go gentle into that good night

Rage, rage against the dying of the light”

And pacing still between the walls

I rage within the confines of my own.

Out there in the unbound world

I’ll find the freedom for my soul

I’ll let it rage, escape, and roam

In endless fields at golden dawn

And in the mist of morning’s crisp

My soul will dissipate in bliss

And travel up the river stream

To be reborn in moonlight’s gleam

I’ll bring those tales to these walls

And write them out for my own

So I may know

In spite of all this silent white

I raged against the dying of the light

I saw a world.

So softly was it swayed in the embrace of nothing

Nothing was not a wind, nor was it stillness, nor was it thick and black like molasses, no, nothing was derived from a material similar to that of souls.

Runnels flooded with my existence

escape into diaphanous green rills

fragile enough to be ripped without resistance

strong enough to end life.

It spills

flowing out

into the vast vibrant blue into everything into the junction of the wrinkles on your feet and the cracks beneath them into me and you and the breaths we take too

The day God died, I was brewing my morning coffee. I take my coffee with brown sugar, you see. I like watching each sugar crystal get consumed by the black of the coffee. I went to work. I got a longer lunch break that day. I went to Macy's and bought those shoes Kim wore in Paris. I like Paris. I like the pictures of Paris, I mean. I ate some salad with kale. I was told that 1 cup of kale, which is 64 g, has 299 mg of potassium, 2.2 g of protein, 80.4 mg of Vitamin C, and 0 g of fat. I like staying healthy. I run on the treadmill for 30 min every day at 7 am. I was told that if I work out in the morning, it will speed up my metabolism for the day. Or I think I read that somewhere. I read a lot. It's good to read. It's good for your brain. Oh yes, yes, that day. I remember Kylie got implants. It was on the news. Yes, I remember now. I was scrolling through my news feed. And it said God died. 3k people were talking about it.

I lie here. Coiled around the thinness of my memories. The translucent tips of my fingernails trace each molding of these slivers of dead time.

Slowly breathing in stillness until it spirals down my spinal cord and we become one

I count each suspended particle of dust

Its existence revealed by the morning light

I lie here. Coiled around the thinness of my memories.

I shamelessly pick up the crumbs of your dead love

Like a hungry beggar.

I let the silence shatter through the space

Like broken glass

With edges so piercing that even my quietest thoughts begin to scream in agony

So I mercilessly tear them out like veins and watch them bleed until my body becomes numb again

The deafening numbness wraps itself around me.

It nurses me back to existence.

Rose petals on the kitchen floor

he waltzed her to the bedroom door

it’s a surprise again she thought

as he was tying the love knot

around her neck it was too tight

and still he tried to fit it right

and those blue flowers were sublime

those that he gave her the last time

she listened to his steady breath

nothing could shake it even death

in his embrace she felt so weak

that tears began to flood her cheek

and then she drowned in his eyes

his love was real no disguise

a whisper so soft it could kill

with gentleness and no free will

I beat you because I love you.

I'm catching


and with it's quiet acquiescence

I begin to study it's

neutra simplicity

Only for a few moments

And then

I'm watching

silver fibers


the molding

Of my hand. They slither



As if there


an identity to which they belong

a place where it belongs

there is no identity

no place


Water water.

water. Water



It is not bound

to anything. Anyone



does not


I immerse myself in this thick air. I do it every time I crave that, which by nature and by my existence has been denied to me. Only water knows freedom